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Biocal - Versatile isothermal calorimeter for multiple applications

Biocal isothermal calorimeters can be used in a wide range of applications such as Food Science, Microbiology, Agri-Science, Soil Studies, Polymers, to name a few. Each Calmetrix calorimeter includes versatile software with a user-defined interface for equipment operation and data interpretation. 

Biocal 2000




Biocal line of isothermal calorimeters and software 


Type of instrument: Isothermal Calorimeter

Number of test channels: 2 or 4

Sample size: up to 125 ml


Examples of use:

  • Food preservation and spoilage

  • Seed germination

  • Metabolic response of living organisms

  • Microbiological studies

  • Water treatment and purity

  • Fermentation and yeast studies

  • Soil testing

  • Infectious disease research


Two test channels

Four test channels


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