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CalCommader software now compatible with competitor equipment

Arlington, MA, February 22, 2010

Calmetrix, supplier of innovative Quality Control solutions in the Cement and Concrete Industry today announced the release of new software to collect and analyze data from equipment manufactured by a number of companies. With this new version of its proprietary software, Calmetrix opens up the user-friendliness and analytical power of its CalCommander suite of software applications to users of competitive calorimetry equipment.
Equipment supported by this new version of CalCommander will be, in addition of Calmetrix’s own calorimeters: TA Instruments’ TAM Air, Thermometric TAM Air and W.R. Grace’s AdiaCal and AdiaCal TC.  

Marc Zacharias, President of Calmetrix Inc. said: “We understand that many customers have legacy equipment in their laboratories. In many instances, software updates for their old equipment don’t exist or are simply cost-prohibitive. We want to give customers a software tool that helps them use the calorimeter of their choice, whether that is Calmetrix equipment  or from other brands”.

Both existing and new users of CalCommander can purchase a license to expand the use of CalCommander to their older calorimetry equipment.
CalCommander is Calmetrix’s proprietary software suite. It contains a user friendly interface to collect, display and analyze data. Built in-house by an experienced team of software programmers and concrete laboratory specialists, CalCommander does not require lengthy training sessions. Its intuitive design enables users to start logging and interpreting data instantaneously.

For more information about CalCommander or Calmetrix, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.


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Calmetrix Inc., which is based in Arlington, MA, is a provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calmetrix products are used for daily Quality Control, and for Research and Development and are provided to a broad base of industrial customers in the construction industry. Website: www.calmetrix.com