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Calmetrix expands its distributor network

Arlington, MA, July 1, 2014


Calmetrix is pleased to announce the expansion of its distributor network in French speaking countries in Europe and North Africa. Equipements Scientifiques, located near Paris, France will service customers in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, offering the Calmetrix I-Cal, I-Cal HPC, Biocal and F-Cal product lines and software. 


As a distributor of scientific equipment in multiple fields, Equipements Scientifiques (ES) has ample knowledge of the Building Materials and Life Sciences industries. Calmetrix products will be distributed by ES's Bio-Test and Industrial Division, which also offers instruments such as liquid and gas analyzers, food & beverage and fermentation analyzers, grinders and sieving systems, colorimeters, rheometers, concrete reinforcement corrosion analyzers,  aggregate moisture meters, and other instruments commonly used in research laboratories and quality control. 


For information about Calmetrix products, customers from France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Maghreb countries can contact Daniel Guez of Equipements Scientifiques:

Daniel Guez

Email: daniel.guez@es-france.com

Tél. +33 (0)1 47 95 99 90

Equipements Scientifiques

Département Bio-Tests & Industries

127 rue de Buzenval 

92380 Garches




About Equipements Scientifiques


Equipements Scientifiques, a value-added distributor established in 1963 and ISO 9001:2008 certified, is specialized in the distribution of goods and services in four main fields: Components, Instruments, Information Systems and Networks. ES addresses end-user markets through dedicated Technical Sales Engineers with subject matter experitise in the their respective fields. 

Website: www.es-france.com



About Calmetrix

Calmetrix Inc. is a US-based provider of calorimetry equipment and software with sales in over 40 countries. Calmetrix offers calorimeters for multiple applications from Life Sciences and Food Technology to Cement and Concrete. Calorimetry measures the heat generated a chemical, biological or physical reaction, which makes it a useful tool for virtually any research project. The heat outflow gives visibility into the behavior of the tested phonomenon in a way that conventional physical testing could not, which is why calorimeters are used by institutions and companies around the world for daily Quality Control and for a wide range of Research and Development applications.
Website: www.calmetrix.com