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Take advantage of our Great Fall Promotion


Whether you are involved with food safety, shelf life, fermentation or a host of other applications for the Biocal calorimeters, we invite you to bolster your laboratory capabilities by taking advantage of our fall promotions. 


Take advantage of these great deals ... but you have to act before September 30, 2016. 


Not sure yet? Contact us for more information on how a calorimeter can help you in your operations. 

1. Buy a Biocal 4000 or Biocal 2000 ...
and save 20%
2. Buy a Biocal 4000 ...
and get a Biocal 2000 at 50% off 
Terms and conditions: 

Offer valid for orders placed before September 30, 2016. The entire order must be shipped to a destination in the US. Calmetrix reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the promotional offer or any service, content, feature or product offered with or without notice.