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Calmetrix launches new Isothermal Calorimeter


Arlington, MA, May 4, 2012

Calmetrix, supplier of innovative Research and Quality Control solutions in the Cement and Concrete Industry, announced the launch of I-Cal 4000, its new isothermal calorimeter.

I-Cal 4000 features a completely different design from Calmetrix's existing I-Cal 8000 calorimeter.  It offers the ability to adjust the thermal mass of each individual reference cell.  This added flexibility makes I-Cal 4000 suitable for a wider range of applications, when testing different sample sizes and types.  Users can either employ the adjustable references supplied with the equipment, or any custom made reference such as a sample of inert sand.

I-Cal 4000's design also incorporates an improved heat sink and reduced cross talk between cells, all of which adds up to better stability and accuracy. Yet I-Cal 8000 and I-Cal 4000 use the same sample size and sampel containers, which ensures that both instruments are fully compatible, and data obtained from either one can be compared side-by-side.

Long term user of calorimeters and Calmetrix VP of Applications Paul Sandberg  said: "I have been doing research in cement and concrete for over twenty years, with cement producers, at universities and chemical admixtures suppliers. This is the tool I have wished for all along."
I-Cal 4000 is robust and can be used to test cement paste, mortar and real concrete, all at a very affordable cost. "I-Cal 4000 is priced so that even research centers with a small budget can afford this state-of-the-art tool", said Marc Zacharias, Calmetrix's President. "You could consider buying two units to offer yourself the ability to conduct tests at two different temperatures simultaneously, and it would still cost you less than most other benchtop laboratory equipment."

I-Cal 4000 also integrates well into Calmetrix's existing CalCommander software suite. CalCommander features a series of unique analytical tools to interpret calorimetry data, including software modules to predict compressive strength and setting times. "Who else can offer you that", adds Sandberg, "decades of experience in the application of calorimetry for cement and concrete research come embedded in every Calmetrix product."

For more information about Calmetrix and our products, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.


About Calmetrix

Calmetrix Inc. is a US-based provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calorimetry measures the heat generated from the early hydration reactions of cementitious materials. The heat outflow tracks the hydration reactions of cement, which gives visibility into the behavior of concrete or mortar in a way that conventional physical testing could not. Calorimeters are used by institutions and companies around the world for daily Quality Control and for a wide range of Research and Development applications.
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