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I-Cal 8000 HPC: isothermal, high performing with 8 channels for cement and concrete

Arlington, MA, april 21, 2014


I-Cal 8000, Calmetrix's best selling isothermal calorimeter, just got an upgrade. With its newly designed temperature control chamber, I-Cal 8000 HPC features the best of what isotherrmal calorimetry has to offer for cement technologists:

  • eight sample channels for experimentation that requires high throughput, perfect for large test matrixes or quality control procedures

  • a sample size of 125 ml suitable for every material, from cement paste to larger inhomogeneous samples such as mortar and even real concrete

  • baseline drift and noise levels well within range for conformance to ASTM C1702

  • full compatibility with all software applications contained in the CalCommander software, including setting time estimation, compressive strength estimation, activation energy and the all-new sulfate optimization module

  • extended cement hydration test periods up to seven days


There is no other cement calorimeter in the market that combines all of these benefits, and yet, I-Cal 8000 HPC is still priced below its competition. 


But we didn't stop at better equipment performance, we also added new functionalities to our software, with a convenient application for sulfate optimization. This application uses the same approach as in ASTM C563, the standard test method for approximation of optimum SO3 in hydraulic cement, but it uses heat of hydration instead of the labor intensive and costly compressive strength testing. An explanation of how results correlate between heat of hydration and compressive strength data can be found here


With calorimetry, it is easy for a cement producer to establish an ongoing test program and test sulfate levels every day with one simple and quick procedure. Sample preparation can be done in ten minutes or less, and data interpretation with the CalCommander I-Cal SO3 software module takes less than five minutes. Click here for a video that shows how data analysis is done in the I-Cal SO3 software module.



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