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Calmetrix introduces the I-Cal line of isothermal calorimeters.

Arlington, MA, January 29, 2010

Calmetrix, supplier of innovative Quality Control solutions today announced its release of I-Cal 8000, its newest calorimetry equipment for the Concrete and Cement Industry.

I-Cal 8000 is a robust, yet precise isothermal calorimeter with multiple applications in Concrete manufacturing. It can be used by research institutions, producers of cement and concrete, as well as suppliers of fly ash, slag or chemical admixtures to optimize mix designs, troubleshoot quality issues and to predict concrete performance. I-Cal is also designed to be able to infer maturity and activation energy for crack prediction on mass concrete.
Users can test up to eight samples of cement paste, mortar or even real concrete, including coarse aggregates.

I-Cal works by maintaining the ambient temperature around samples constant at a predetermined value. This enables users to simulate curing of Concrete as it would happen outside of the laboratory in the real world and to test performance at different temperatures. Precise measurements of heat exchange are used to trace the “heat curve”, a picture of the hydration reaction taking place as Concrete hardens. Data is collected and analyzed by CalCommander, Calmetrix’s proprietary software. CalCommander contains the interface to operate I-Cal and other equipment. It also offers a modular design with multiple tabs for instant and user-friendly data analysis.

Calmetrix’s integrated hardware-software design was conceived by a team of professionals that combine knowledge of equipment, software, and a deep understanding of the concrete industry, making I-Cal the right fit for advanced concrete testing throughout the value chain.


About Calmetrix

Calmetrix Inc., which is based in Arlington, MA, is a provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calmetrix products are used for daily Quality Control, and for Research and Development and are provided to a broad base of industrial customers in the construction industry. Website: www.calmetrix.com