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Calmetrix introduces new Software Module for Activation Energy

Arlington, MA, September 15, 2010

Calmetrix today announced the release of a new software module as an integral part of its CalCommader software suite. The new module, named I-Cal AE, lets users of isothermal calorimetry equipment derive the activation energy of a concrete mix. It can be used with Calmetrix's I-Cal 8000 calorimeter or any other isothermal calorimeter operated with the CalCommander software.

I-Cal AE analyzes samples tested in an isothermal calorimeter at at least three different temperatures. The program infers both the activation energy and the Arrhenius plot for a given mix. Users have a choice to calculate the actyivation energy using algorithms developed by Prof. Anton Schindler of Auburn University, or Lars Wadso of the University of Lund.

"Knowing the activation energy opens a whole new world of possibilities in the application of calorimetry to the science of cement and concrete", says Paul Sandberg, Vice President for Applications and Support. "It not only provides important input on temperature sensitivity, but also opens the door to advanced uses of modeling software such as ConcreteWorks, including the prediction of cracks, especially in concrete mixtures containing high levels of cement substitutes such as fly ash or slag".
The ConcreteWorks software was developed by the Concrete Durability Center at the University of Texas, Austin as part of research funded by the Texas Department of Transportation. The main purpose of the software is to improve the constructability and durability of mass concrete bridge members. ConcreteWorks is a license free application that can can be downloded at http://www.texasconcreteworks.com.

CalCommander is Calmetrix’s proprietary software suite. It contains a user friendly interface to collect, display and analyze data. Built in-house by an experienced team of software programmers and concrete laboratory specialists, CalCommander does not require lengthy training sessions. Its intuitive design enables users to start logging and interpreting data instantaneously.
A Demo version of CalCommander, including I-Cal AE, can be downloaded at http://calmetrix.com/

For more information about CalCommander or Calmetrix, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.


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