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I-Cal Strength, a software tool to predict Compressive Strength

Long desired and awaited by the Industry, the CalCommander I-Cal Strength software module lets you predict compressive strength development of a given mix using an isothermal calorimeter.
I-Cal strength is based on the correlation between the energy released (degree of hydration) and the compressive strength development of a mix.
CalCommander will guide you to establish a Correlation Model for each mix design you would ike to use to infer compressive strength predictions. A mix design is defined by its binder, water, air and sand types and contents, as well as the mixing method used. If any of the aforementioned parameters changes, a new Correlation Model has to be built.  Minor changes of dosages or types of chemical additives do not require a different Correlation model.


Here's how it works:

A. Go to the Modeling Tab to create a correlation between your mix and compressive strength development

1. Load one or several I-Cal curves for a given mix design.

2. Enter compfessive strength data measured by physical testing for 4-5 curing ages.

3. The software automatically plots teh strength - time and

strength - energy correlation ofr this mix. Save your model to use it for strength prediction any time you test the same mix in the future.

Now you can use your Correlation Model to make strength predictions for your mix.
Once you built a correlation model for a mix, all you need to do the next time you are batching this mix is a calorimeter curve. You avoid costly and time-consuming laboratory testing, and you don't have to wait to reach a curing age to get a compressive strength estimate. A calorimetry curve will be enough to give you estimates of compressive strength at different curing ages.

B. Use the Data Analysis Tab for your strength predictions

1. Load teh calorimetry curve(s) of the mix you would like to use for strength prediction.

2. Select the Correlation Model corresponding to this mix

3. Enter the curing ages for which you would like a strength estimate

Strength extimates are displayed here