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Calmetrix opens Sales Office in India

Arlington, MA, USA  and  Mumbai, India, May 16, 2011

Calmetrix announced today the openig of a sales office in Mumbai, India.
This move comes in response to the incredibly strong and growing interest for calorimetry products in the Indian market. India has the second highest cement consumption in the world and both its housing and infrastructure are growing rapidly. Educational Institutions and Research Centers are also increasingly investing resources into research in civil and construction engineering, with heavy investment foreseen in laboratory equipment.

"Calmetrix's deep knowledge of the cement and concrete industry can be put to work immediately in this very large market", said Marc Zacharias, President of Calmetrix Inc. "The speed with which construction projects have to be completed, and the high utilization of fly ash in concrete makes calorimetry a perfect tool".

India uses predominantly Pozzolanic Portland Cement, which contains 30% or more fly ash in subtitution of Ordinary Portland Cement. The ensuing variability and often poor quality of fly ash make quality control and mix design a challenging task.
"Calmetrix has several products under development that will put us in the right price range and provide features that are adapted to the local market", adds Zacharias. 'We understand the Indian market well and will put the speed of our product development process to our customers' and our  advantage".

The Mumbai office will serve the Indian market, and will also be overseeing sales in neighboring countries in the Middle East, as well as Bangladesh.

For more information about Calmetrix, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.


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