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New high performance semi-adiabatic Calorimeter comes to market

Arlington, MA, April 30, 2012

Calmetrix, supplier of innovative Research and Quality Control solutions in the Cement and Concrete Industry, announced the launch of P-Cal 1000, its a new high-performance semi-adiabatic calorimeter. P-Cal 1000 is built with ultra-high perfromance materials giving the P-Cal's insulation system a  thermal resistance (R-value) more than nine times that of high density expanded polystyrene. The result is an instrument that is small in size, and hence highly portable without sacrificing performance.

"Of course, performance comes at a price, and for P-Cal it's an affordable one", says Stan Elektrov, Calmetrix's VP of Engineering. "High perfromance materials at the core allow for a much simplified design overall. The result is a clear win for our customers".
P-Cal 1000 closely mimics the conditions encountered in mass concrete applications, and it can be used to test concrete, mortar or paste. Because of its superior insulation, test results obtained when using P-Cal 1000 are highly repeatable, which makes it possible to compare experiments conducted on different days or at different locations with different outside conditions.

Included with P-Cal is Calmetrix's P-Cal Strength software application, a compressive strength prediction tool based on the classic maturity concept.
"P-Cal Strength is a simple to use, yet powerful application", said Paul Sandberg, Calmetrix VP of Applications. "No more overtime spent on breaking cubes or cylinders at odd hours late at night or on week-ends. Now you can get accurate estimates of compressive strength at a number of curing ages with reduced physical testing and without incurring the inconvenience and cost of working outside of regular work hours."

P-Cal 1000 is simple to use, does not require any external power supply or a dedicated computer. It can easily be taken along on every ready mixed concrete delivery truck, or it can be used in a laboratory, on a job site, on curbsides or in any location where a reliable and objective quality control tool is needed.

 For more information about Calmetrix and our products, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.


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Calmetrix Inc. is a US-based provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calorimetry measures the heat generated from the early hydration reactions of cementitious materials. The heat outflow tracks the hydration reactions of cement, which gives visibility into the behavior of concrete or mortar in a way that conventional physical testing could not. Calorimeters are used by institutions and companies around the world for daily Quality Control and for a wide range of Research and Development applications.
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