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Calmetrix offers Equipmnet Rental & Trade-in promotions


Arlington, MA, April 30, 2012

Calmetrix  launched two new product offerings: short-term rentals and a trade-in program. Both programs were introduced to make it easier for organizations that have to manage their capital expenditures closely to get access to a quality calorimetry equipment that makes their research and development easier.


Equipment Rental Program
Rental is particularly attractive to organizations that have a short term project where a calorimeter is needed or helpful. Calorimetry is known to drastically accelerate research by being able to quickly assess the winners in a large test matrix. Calorimetry curves provide a snapshot of the cement hydration reaction that makes it easy and incredibly quick to compare different cement, mortar or concrete mixes. This comes handy, for example,  in studies of new materials, such as supplementary cementitious materials, or admixture formulation.
Any Calmetrix equipment is available for rental,to qualified customers,  including our line of isothermal and semi-adiabatic instruments. Rental agreemnets can be made for any period of time, and include an optional buy-out clause.A nd of course, every rental comes with Calmetrix's unparalleled support for design of experiments and data interpretation, backed by known experts with decades of experience in calorimetry and cement and concrete research.  


Trade-in Promotional Offerr
Calmetrix's trade-in offer applies to any calorimeter or equivalent laboratory instrument. Just send us your old or obsolete equipment (all brands and makes welcome) and pick one of our offers for cash discounts or free equipment. Get a customized offer tailored to your needs. Feel free to call or email Calmetrix for a quote at +1 617 203-2090, or sales@calmetrix.com.


About Calmetrix

Calmetrix Inc. is a US-based provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calorimetry measures the heat generated from the early hydration reactions of cementitious materials. The heat outflow tracks the hydration reactions of cement, which gives visibility into the behavior of concrete or mortar in a way that conventional physical testing could not. Calorimeters are used by institutions and companies around the world for daily Quality Control and for a wide range of Research and Development applications.
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