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About Calmetrix Inc.

Calmetrix is a laboratory instruments company that specializes in calorimetry and rheology.
Our instruments are used in over 60 countries and in multiple fields of scientific research including Life Sciences such as Microbiology, Food, Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, and Material Sciences such as Polymers, Cement Technology, and others.

Calmetrix is a privately owned company founded by professionals with extensive backgrounds in cement technology, environmental science and life sciences.


We understand the markets we serve, and the applications our instruments are designed for. Our team has decades of real life experience with calorimeters used for research & development and for quality control. Our support staff not only understands scientific instrumentation, but has also a deep knowledge of user applications. 


We design our instruments for our users, not for quarterly profits. Our integrated hardware-software system is a way to achieve the best user experience, which is why we design both our equipment and the software programs in house. We want you to have the best user experience, always.


We believe in social responsibility. Our products are manufactured in the local communities where they were designed. We do not outsource for cost-optimization and hence keep manufacturing and quality control close, so we can have a positive impact both on the communities surrounding us and on our customers' experience around the world. 


Calmetrix is based in Boston, USA, and has a sales office in Mumbai, India, and a Product Development office in Lund, Sweden, as well as distributors in multiple countries.


Meet our Customers
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