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Calmetrix Support - Microbiology

This page applies to Biocal and I-Cal Flex Calorimeters.



Flexical Software



Video Tutorials



Anchor 3

Watch videos to learn how to use the FlexiCal 2 software for studying microbiological or chemical reactions 

with an I-Cal Flex calorimeter

I-Cal Flex Operating Instructions

Download Software

Software Registration

Biocal / I-Cal HPC Operating Instructions

Biocal Variable reference cells.JPG

Watch videos to learn how to operate your Biocal 2000 / 4000 or I-Cal 2000 / 4000 / 8000 HPC calorimeter using the Flexical 2 software application

Example: how to use Biocal to test microbial activity in a food item 

Watch videos to learn how to perform tests of microbial activity in food items, cosmetics and other samples using a Calmetrix Biocal isothermal calorimeter.

Lectures about Isothermal Calorimetry

Learn from professor Lars Wadsö (Lund University) how isothermal calorimeters work, how they are designed and what it takes to build one.

Application Notes


Microbiological studies

M01 - Calorimetry and Plate Counts

F02 - Food Safety and Spoilage

E01 - Soil Testing (Biomass)

F03 - Milk Fermentation

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