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Calmetrix Services

Whether you are experienced with calorimetry or a first-time user, Calmetrix offers flexible options to facilitate the integration of calorimetry in your daily work. From advanced user training to assistance with design of experiments and data interpretation, our team of experts is available to help you make the best use of your calorimeter.

And we even offer short-term rental and lease-to-own options to ensure you can get access to a calorimeter for any projects and within budget limitations.



Calmetrix offers 2-day, 3-day or week-long training on the application of calorimetry to Life Sciences or Cement Technology. We tailor our training program to your organization's needs.

Whether you are a university, a research institution or an industrial research or quality control lab, we can conduct the training at your site anywhere in the world, and we adapt the content of the training seminar to the audience and to your priorities.

Popular topics we are covering are:

•    Design of experiment

•    Fundamentals of calorimetry in topics such as Microbiology, Seed Germination, Food Science, Cement chemistry, etc.

•    Use of calorimetry in Quality Control and Research 

•    Product formulation and R&D

•   “Train the trainer” for your organizations’ designated calorimetry Champion

Equipment Rental & Financing


Calmetrix offers rentals of I-Cal HPC and F-Cal calorimeters at a monthly fee that is a fraction of the equipment's cost. Rental payments can be capitalized to buy out the equipment at its residual cost at any time during the rental period.

While there is a minimum rental period of 4 months, renting might be the best option for you if:

  • you need an instrument just for one project

  • you need an instrument but you cannot afford it in this year's budget

  • you prefer small monthly fees to a large capital expense

  • you would like to try out a calorimeter before deciding on purchasing one


The rental package contains everything you need for your project. 

  • an isothermal or semi-adiabatic calorimeter depending on your needs

  • a computer with the entire software suite (pre-installed and unlocked)

  • all cables and adapters

  • unlimited email and phone support

  • unlimited help with data interpretation


Contact us for a quote.


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