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Calmetrix Pheso rheometer


Rheology measures the flow and deformation of matter and is a crucial part of material science. Calmetrix offers the Pheso rheometer, which was designed specifically for testing of inhomogeneous materials such as concrete.

Pheso front large bowl new plate.png
Pheso Rheometer


The Pheso rheometer was designed and developed to be able to test rheology for granular suspensions and other inhomogeneous mixtures. 

Pheso is exceptionally versatile, as its torque range is suitable for soft & stiff suspensions, from liquids all the way to dry powder materials in sample volumes anywhere from 1 liter to 20 liters. With options to operate in either central or planetary mode, and interchangeable impellers, users have access to all the flexibility allowing them to measure different material characteristics in cement paste, mortar or concrete, in high or low fluidity, including “0 slump” concrete, as well as dry materials or fibrous suspensions.


Applications: Inhomogeneous mixtures such as Cement and Concrete,  



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