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Applications for Interpretation of F-Cal / P-Cal  Data

The video below give an overview of typical curves obtained and show ways to interpret results.
Testing protocols are detailed in the Tutorials section.
Example - Use F-Cal Reports to find the Maximum Level of Cement Substitution

Description: This video shows how calorimetry provides an easy way to find the limits to which cement can be substituted by supplementary cementitious materials such as blast furnace slag , pulverized fly ash, etc. It also shows how to detect adverse material interaction, such as cement - SCM - admixture interactions.


Instruments: I-Cal 8000 HPC, I-Cal 4000 HPC, I-Cal 2000 HPC,

I-Cal 8000, I-Cal 4000, F-Cal 4000, F-Cal 8000, P-Cal 1000

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