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CalCommander 2  for I-Cal Ultra & I-Cal Flex calorimeters

User Instruction Videos  

How to install your I-Cal Ultra / I-Cal Flex calorimeter 

Installation and Set-up

Install your calorimeter in a few simple steps (approximate time for installation: 10 minutes)

How to register and set up your software 

Software Registration and Settings

Register your software and choose your preferences in the Settings tab

How to calibrate your I-Cal Flex or I-Cal Ultra


Calibrate your calorimeter.

How to handle sample vials with your I-Cal Flex / I-Cal Ultra

Samples prepared externally

Learn how to properly introduce sample vials into your I-Cal Ultra / I-Cal Flex and to extract them.

How to change references to balance your calorimeter

Changing references

Learn how to calculate the right reference for a sample and to change the reference in your calorimeter.

How to operate your calorimeter


Operate your I-Cal Ultra or I-Cal Flex calorimeter - set up the logging parameters and temperature control for your experiment

How to use the Internal Mixing & Admixture Vessel and the Perfusion Vessel

Internal Mixer

Mix a cement paste sample in situ inside the calorimeter with the Internal Mixing accessory

Perfusion Vessel

Circulate a gas (e.g. O2, N2, CO2) through the sample vial while conducting an experiment

How to optimize results for ASTM C1897 / RILEM R3 Reactivity testing 

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation procedure for best results with an I-Cal Flex or I-Cal Ultra calorimeter when testing reactivity of a cement supplement according to the ASTM C1897 or RILEM R3 test method

Baseline Correction

Correct baselines after test completion, e.g when conducting experiments according to RILEM R3 or ASTM C1897

How to conduct basic analysis of curves  


Look at experimental results and analyze data visually or create reports

How to use optional software for advanced analysis


Estimate compressive strength of past or mortar mixes

HoH (Heat of Hydration)

Determine the specific heat of hydration value for a cement, as per ASTM C1702  

SO3 (Sulfate)

Find the optimum sulfate level in any cement, including complex blended cements

AE (Activation Energy)

Calculate the activation energy and plot Arrhenius curves for a mix


Estimate initial and final setting times of paste or mortar mixes

How to start a remote Support session

Remote Support Session

Start a remote support session so that our technicians can have a look at your calorimeter,

reading internal sensors in your calorimeter that monitor operational parameters.

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