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F-Cal 4000 Semi-Adiabatic Calorimeter (THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED)

F-Cal 4000 is a handy, portable calorimeter with four sample channels that emulates the curing conditions of concrete flatwork. It is ideal for quick testing of concrete in field conditions. 

F-Cal units are portable, yet rugged enough to be carried in the back of a pick-up truck, or left on site in a Concrete plant for testing in real conditions.

F-Cal 4000 enables testing of up to four cement, mortar or concrete simultaneously, in standard 4"x8" (100 mm x 200 mm) cylinders or in any container of equal or smaller size. Calmetrix's proprietary CalCommander software for data retrieval and analysis lets users to select one of the F-Cal's cells as a temperature reference cell. 

F-Cal 4000 is recommended for testing in field conditions for up to 36 hours and does not require a dedicated computer or a power source. The equipmnet is battery operated and stores data logged for up to 7 days. Heat curves obtained can be interpreted almost instantaneously by the user, or stored and sent in a report to an off-site QC Manager.

F-Cal 4000's main applications are: 

• on-site troubleshooting for material incompatibility (e.g. admixtures that do not work well for certain cement sources)

• quick estimation of setting times 

• rapid screening of materials, e.g. different sources of cement, different brands of admixtures 

•  robustness test (how performance holds up to variations in material dosages) 

• mix design optimization 



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