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Flexical software for isothermal calorimetry in Life Sciences

The field of Life Sciences encompasses a wide variety of applications, and Flexical was built with flexibility and simplicity in mind. Researchers in  food science, microbiology, agri-sience, environmental sciences and other fields can configure the software parameters to study both the rate of reaction and the overall progress of any phenemenon, and normalize the values by user-defined parameters.

Flexical for Isothermal Calorimeters

Works with Calmetrix I-Cal FLex, Biocal 2000 & 4000 calorimeters

Flexical Logger


Flexical Logger operates your calorimetry equipment. You can start/stop logging capture relevant data for your experiment that will be stored along with the heat curve. You can also create interim reports while logging data. The software is built so that data analysis can be performed in the Flexical Reports software while conducting a test, both on data files form the current and previous experiments

Flexical Reports


Flexical Reports is used to retrieve curves from past experiments, zoom in on parts of the curve for more detailed analysis, create reports or save graphs as images. Each data log is saved individually and ready to be shared and used on multiple computers. You can also export data into a txt or csv format that is fully compatible with applications such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice and data analysis software like MATLAB, Origin, etc.

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