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I-Cal 2000 HPC Isothermal Calorimeter

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How to use an I-Cal HPC calorimeter

I-Cal 2000 HPC ("High Precision Calorimeter") is a 2-channel Isothermal Calorimeter. Like all Calmetrix I-Cal isothermal calorimeter models, I-Cal 2000 HPC features a sample size of up to 125ml, which can be used for applications in multiple fields, including R&D and Investigative work on concrete properties as well as daily QC needs in Cement and Concrete production. Variable reference cells make I-Cal 2000 HPC a versatile equipment, making it possible to test cement, mortar and real concrete, or other materials of various types and sample sizes.

I-Cal 2000 HPC is suitable for long term testing of cement hydration up to 28 days or longer. 


In addition, I-Cal 2000 HPC is fully compliant with ASTM C1679, ASTM C1702, ASTM C563 and EN 196-11.


Just like for other Calmetrix I-Cal calorimeters, the ambient temperature around the samples is computer-controlled by Calmetrix's software interface, with precision sensors measuring the heat flow generated by the cement hydration reaction. But I-Cal 2000 HPC distinguishes itself by its clever design to minimize sensitivity to outside conditions. This means more consistent results, but also a robust performance even in a non-air conditioned environment, a definitive benefit in terms of reproducibility, and cost savings for field laboratories or rooms that are not tightly air-conditioned. Furthermore, I-Cal 2000 HPC's two active sample cells are not in contact with each other, thereby keeping cross-talk below 0.1%.



I-Cal 2000 HPC is well adapted for applications in R&D and Investigative work on cement and concrete properties, as well as daily QC needs in cement and concrete production. Typical uses are:

heat of hydration measurement as per ASTM C1702

• detection of potential material incompatibility (between cement and admixtures, etc.)

• sulfate optimization

• sensitivity tests on variations in admixture or other material content

• estimation of compressive strength using heat of hydration curves

• determination of activation energy for thermal crack prediction 

• sensitivity tests on temperature variations

• mix design optimization and statistical performance analysis​

test temperatures of more than 50 °C (up to 70 °C), e.g. for studies of delayed ettringite formation

characterization of supplementary cementitious materials


When to consider an I-Cal 2000 HPC:

​I-Cal 2000 HPC is the right isothermal calorimeter for experiments that have the following characteristics:

  • curing at any temperaure, and up to 70 °C when needed

  • test durations of any length, up to 28 days or even longer

  • Heat of hydration testing as per ASTM C1702 

  • high precision studies with need for best signal/nose ratio (minimum cross-talk)

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