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Calmetrix unveils high precision Calorimeter at ACI Fall 2012 Convention

Toronto, ON and Arlington, MA, October 14, 2012

Calmetrix, supplier of innovative Research and Quality Control solutions in the Cement and Concrete Industry, will unveil its new I-Cal 2000 High Precision Calorimeter at the ACI Fall 2012 Convention in Toronto, Ontario between October 21 and 23, 2012.

I-Cal 2000 HPC, Calmetrix's newest product in the isothermal calorimeter category, was designed by Stan Elektrov and Lars Wadsö, Calmetrix's most senior team member and a renowned author and designer in the field of calorimetry. The result is is a high precision instrument that is fully compliant with ASTM C1702 and offers exceptional reliability. The robustness and repeatability offered by I-Cal 2000 HPC make it easy to compare test results from one lab to another, or to perform testing even in non-air conditioned settings.
Recognizing that heat of hydration testing does not require eight channels at the same time, Calmetrix designed this new product with just two sample cells to keep both the cost and the size of the instrument to a minimum. Customers are no longer "locked in" to 8 sample cells for a single purpose. Insted, Calmetrix's modular product offering makes it easy to bundle several instruments at very attractive prices. For example, customers could combine one I-Cal 2000 HPC and one I-Cal 8000 for simultaneous testing of heat of hydration and other research projects, or two I-Cal 2000 HPC and one I-Cal 4000 for simultaneous testing at three different temperatures, all at a total investment equal or less than other isothermal calorimeters available in the market.

I-Cal 2000 HPC is fully integrated into Calmetrix's CalCommander software suite.It  features a dedicated interface for heat of hydration calculations, in addition to existing software modules for Reporting, Activation Energy, Set Time estimation and Compressive Strength prediction.

I-Cal 2000 HPC and other Calmetrix prodiucts will be  featured at the ACI Fall Convention (booth #311) held at the Sheraton Center hotel in Toronto, Ontario from October 21-23, 2012. Visitors will be able to pick up discount coupons, which they will be able to use against future orders.

For more information about Calmetrix and our products, please contact us at (617) 203-2090, or info@calmetrix.com.

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Calmetrix Inc. is a US-based provider of calorimetry equipment and software to the cement and concrete industry. Calorimetry measures the heat generated from the early hydration reactions of cementitious materials. The heat outflow tracks the hydration reactions of cement, which gives visibility into the behavior of concrete or mortar in a way that conventional physical testing could not. Calorimeters are used by institutions and companies around the world for daily Quality Control and for a wide range of Research and Development applications.
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