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Calmetrix I-Cal & I-Cal HPC  - Cement & Concrete

This page applies to I-Cal 2000 HPC, I-Cal 4000 HPC, I-Cal 8000 HPC, I-Cal 4000 and I-Cal 8000 isothermal calorimeters

Video Tutorials


Operating Instructions

Watch videos to learn how to run a test in your I-Cal or I-Cal HPC calorimeter, and to conduct data analysis in the Calcommander 2 software. 



CalCommander 2 for Cement and Concrete studies








Download Software

Software Registration

Lectures about Isothermal Calorimetry

Learn from professor Lars Wadsö (Lund University) how isothermal calorimeters work, how they are designed and what it takes to build one.

Webinars about calorimetry in Cement and Concrete

Watch recorded webinars about typical applications and uses of Calorimetry in Cement and Concrete Technology

Application Notes


Applications in Cement and Concrete Studies




















C01 - Sulfate Balance (Cement)

C02 - Sulfate Balance (with SCM and Admixtures)

C03 - Strength Prediction

C04 - Shotcrete Optimization

C05 - Sulfate Optimization using Heat of Hydration

C06 - Setting Time Estimation

C07 - Pozzolanic Reactivity Measurement

C08 - Optimization of cement substitutes 

C09 - Cement hydration and retarders

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