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F-Cal - Portable semi-adiabatic calorimeters for lab and field

F-Cal semi-adiabatic calorimeters are designed to simulate the conditions of concrete flatwork. Their "suitcase-like" portability makes them ideal for mix design, troubleshooting or quality control in concrete plants, for field work or in mobile laboratories.   

F-Cal semi-adiabatic calorimeters and software 


Type of instrument: Semi-adiabatic Calorimeter

Number of test channels: 8

Suitable for mortar or concrete, conforms to ASTM C1753


Examples of use:

  • Mix designs

  • Troubleshooting (incompatibility of materials)

  • Inbound quality control of raw materials

  • Quick estimation of setting time

  • Portable diagnostics and troubleshooting instrument for admixture, cement or fly ash field technicians 




Screenshot 2018-12-19 11.48.35.png
Typical applications
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