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I-Cal 8000 Isothermal Calorimeter - DISCONTINUED

The I-Cal 8000 isothermal calorimeter model has been discontinued. But do not worry, we will continue to service your I-Cal 8000 if you own one. You can also upgrade your I-Cal 8000 to the higher performance I-Cal 8000 HPC model at any time. The upgrade is easy and you don't have to send your existing calorimeter to us, so you don't interrupt your testing. Please contact us or your local sales representative for details. 



I-Cal 8000 is well adapted for applications in R&D and Investigative work on cement and concrete properties, as well as daily QC needs in cement and concrete production. Typical uses are:

• detect potential material incompatibility (between cement and admixtures, etc.)

admixture formulation

• sulfate optimization

• sensitivity tests on variations in admixture or other material content

• estimation of early age compressive strength using heat of hydration curves

• determination of activation energy for thermal crack prediction 

• rapid screening of materials, e.g. different sources of cement, different brands of admixtures 

• sensitivity tests on temperature variations  

• mix design optimization and statistical performance analysis


When to consider an I-Cal 8000:

I-Cal 8000 is the right isothermal calorimeter for experiments that have the following characteristics:

  • curing temperatures of less than 50 °C

  • total test time of 72 hours or less (until the end of the main peak of hydration)

  • need for high throughput (8 test channels simultaneously)

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