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I-Cal Flex Isothermal Calorimeter for ... pretty much any application

The I-Cal Flex’s flexible design lets users change seamlessly between several plug and play configurations. Testing can be conducted on up to 8 sample cells of 20 ml capacity, or up to 2 sample cells of 450 ml capacity, or alternatively a hybrid configuration for simultaneous testing of up to 4 cells with 20 ml capacity and one cell with 450 ml capacity. I-Cal Flex covers all types of samples from homogeneous to inhomogeneous in such diverse fields of application as microbiology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food items, with sample vials suitable for large inhomogeneous samples such as soils, fruits, meats and other food items, chemicals, minerals, insects, crops and seeds, sludges, cement or concrete, and many others.


The twin calorimeter cells in the I-Cal Flex are calibrated through individual internally fixed calibration heaters. All cells are well isolated from one another by a wide air gap, which confers unparalleled precision and stability by completely eliminating any crosstalk. The high precision thermostat spans a temperature range from 2 °C to 90 °C, with a stability of +/- 0.001 °C over an indefinite time period, thereby enabling very long-term testing over periods of several weeks or months. The I-Cal Flex's baseline drift and noise levels are the best in its category. Optional accessories are available for internal stirring and injection of liquids, gas circulation and the introduction of sensors for other parameters such as pH, humidity, etc.




The I-Cal Flex can be used in virtually any field of application pertaining to the Life Sciences or Material Science, in Research and Development, as well as Quality Control of industrial materials and processes, including:  

  • Examples from the Life Sciences:

    • food spoilage and shelf life

    • seed germination

    • sewage sludge digestion

    • crop diseases

    • antibacterial coatings

    • fermentation processes

    • composting

    • metabolic response of plants

    • respiration of insects

  • Examples from the Material Sciences:

    • drying of adhesives and paints

    • curing of polymers

    • battery leakage

    • oxidation of metals

    • alkaline hydrolisis of organic materials building materials

    • cement hydration

    • stability of packaging materials



When to consider an I-Cal Flex:

I-Cal Flex is an ideal isothermal calorimeter for advanced research applications that require a very high sensitivity or stability over long testing periods, or testing in low isothermal temperature conditions, or when applications span both homogeneous and heterogeneous samples in multiple applications.

Flex with L and M cells close-up blurred
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