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Calmetrix Calorimetry software

Calmetrix designs and develops all software applications in-house. Our software was designed by research scientists and quality control managers with ample user experience in their fields. The result is an intuitive, easy to use and powerful tool for both new and advanced users. 

Calmetrix software is the interface to operate Calmetrix I-Cal, BioCal and F-Cal calorimeters.

Biocal Software for Life Sciences

The field of Life Sciences encompasses a wide variety of applications, and FlexiCal was built with flexibility in mind. Researchers in Life Sciences can configure the software parameters to measure both the rate of reaction and the overall progress of any phonemenon studied just the way they want. Results can be normalized by any mathematical combination of user-defined parameters. As a result, Biocal is very versatile, and can be used to monitor virtually any chemical, physical or biological reaction.


Compatible instruments:

  • Calmetrix Biocal 2000 & Biocal 4000

CalCommander Software for Cement & Concrete

The CalCommander software was designed for the needs of cement & concrete scientists and quality control professionals, giving them the means needs to innovate faster and streamline every day tasks by cutting back on traditional physical performance testing. CalCommander can be used to predict or model compressive strength gain as well as setting times, thereby saving time and costs as compared to other testing methods.

Compatible instruments:
  • Calmetrix I-Cal 2000 HPC, I-Cal 4000 HPC, I-Cal 8000 HPC, 
    I-Cal 4000, I-Cal 8000, F-Cal 8000, F-Cal 4000
  • Grace Adiacal and AdiaCal TC
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