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Calmetrix F-Cal 4000/ 8000 and P-Cal Support Cement & Concrete

This page applies to F-Cal 4000, F-Cal 8000 and P-Cal 1000 semi-adiabatic calorimeters

Video Tutorials


Learn how to operate F-Cal 4000/8000 and P-Cal semi-adiabatic calorimeters


Watch videos to learn how to perform cement and concrete testing using Calmetrix semi-adiabatic calorimeters.

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CalCommander for F-Cal 4000/8000 and P-Cal 







Software Registration

Installation Instructions

Download Software

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See how to use simple calorimetry tests to study concrete performance and easily get information in situations commonly encountered in research and quality control.

Examples of Applications & Use of Software for F-Cal / P-Cal calorimeters


Webinars about Applications of calorimetry in Cement and Concrete

Gain access to recorded webinars about typical applications and uses of Calorimetry in Cement and Concrete Technology

Application Notes


Applications in Cement and Concrete Studies








C06 - Setting Time Estimation

C04 - Shotcrete Optimization

C03 - Strength Prediction

Instruction Manuals


F-Cal and P-Cal User Manuals







F-Cal 4000 / F-Cal 8000

P-Cal 1000

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