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I-Cal HPC - High Performance Calorimeters for cement and concrete

I-Cal HPC are isothermal calorimeters designed to meet the needs of cement and concrete professionals, from research and development of new cement products or admixtures to process and quality control in cement plants. These High Performance Calorimeters (HPC) conform to ASTM C1702 (heat of hydration testing) and ASTM C1679 (isothermal calorimetry).

Four test channels

I-Cal HPC line of isothermal calorimeters and software 


Type of instrument: Isothermal Calorimeter

Number of test channels: 2, 4 or 8

Suitable for cement paste, mortar or concrete 


Examples of use:

  • Cement and Concrete Technology

  • Cement plant quality control

  • Admixture development

  • Geopolymers

  • Sustainable cements


Two test channels

Eight test channels


Typical applications
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